TheBreadProject wins Silver Medal in Bread Competiton

Silver Medal in Bread Competiton

It seemed like high aspirations for a tiny bakery, to compete along with the giants I thought. Nevertheless, my mentor always said,”you should never cut down ambition”, so I gave my blessings and off my lead baker Yee, went to make his and the bakery’s mark in the world.

Day of the competition judging, I was held up by what seemed like endless monotonous meetings . Driving to the competition, remembering competition day where Yee was disappointed that he forgot the yeast for one of the breads (he never does that). I prepared my speech to my baker somewhere along the lines of “you did your best” or maybe it should be “winning is not everything” or better yet ”this is just a stepping stone?”

When I finally arrived, I braced myself with my speech. Yee looked up and beamed. “Second place”, he simply said. My brain stopped or was it my heart ? Then we both just burst our laughing, him out of relief maybe and me, absolute pride. Well done dark horse…

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